The reality IS We the People have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!! FedGovCorp and Associated ABC Entities (not human people – Fed Res etc …) can not afford for this info to become common knowledge .. they can not allow her to go free .. just take a look at the Bundy trial in Nevada .. they are not even allowed to defend themselves .. and evidence that would exonerate them is surpressed .. not only that they have been held in very adverse circumstances for way too long 😦 with No BAIL .. I will continue to PRAY for We the People .. those who have been installed to tender justice very rarely rule justly .. most of them are members of the Treasonous Traitors who have subverted our Constitution .. alas .. no one cares until something dreadful happens to them .. Hopefully eithere way this trial goes .. people will TAKE NOTICE and maybe decide we ALL MUST stand up for JUSTICE NOW least we all LOSE officially to the Deep State :(

Rose Rambles...

Wow! Lot’s of information going on out there regarding the case of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. She is under arrest in D.C. because she is supposed to have been performing money laundering.

So why all the furor? Because Heather had been advising people of their “strawman” status in legal courts (operating under Admiralty law). Getting confused? Our reality is NOTHING like you think it is!

So…please watch this video that does a great job of providing the background information that makes me aware of just how fraudulent this case against Heather, understand this hewas filmed on Thusday night BEFORE the Friday hearing,do your own investigation about the term “strawman”, and…


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