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unitednationsTo forgive is to assume a larger identity than the person who was first hurt…” – philosopherDavid Whyte

Epictetus, Roman Stoic philosopher, mathematician and rationalist was born a slave around 55 AD. He earned his freedom as a young man and began the study of Stoic philosophy during those teenage years, gaining in prominence in Rome, where he eventually taught. Then in 89 AD, Emperor Domitian banished all the philosophers from the Italian region. Epictetus fled to Greece, where he set up his own school at Nicopolis on the Adriatic coast, lecturing there until his death in 135 AD. He is recognized as the voice” of Stoic philosophy believing that slavery wasn’t about a legal status of a person, but it was rather a moral question.

Though born a slave, Epictetus saw slavery as contrary to moral reason given that both “masters…

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