The Ugly Truth


Amid push by senators, White House official says talks with Israeli officials ongoing to secure ‘largest single pledge’ of military assistance

ed note–again, at the risk of us repeating ourselves here, what does Israel need American military aid for?

Remember, as we are reminded on a daily basis–GAAAAAAWD gave ‘that land’ to the Jews, and to show that he wanted them to have ‘that land’, he performed all sorts of special favors for them as recounted in the Old Testament. He sent the plagues to the Egyptians, he parted the Red Sea…He led them into the land with a pillar of sand by day and with a pillar of fire at night…He fed them with manna from heaven and gave them holy water to drink from a rock that Moses had struck with his cane.

So where is GAAAAAWD in all of this? Where are all the miracles? Why must these…

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