Wide Awake Gentile

In their book Start-Up Nation, authors Dan Senor and Saul Singer also write extensively about the contributions made by individuals whose experience in an elite Israeli army unit known simply as “8200” led to a host of technological innovations that became key to the success of companies such as Paypal, for instance.

 Unit 8200 is the largest unit in the Israel Defense Forces, comprising several thousand soldiers. It is comparable in its function to the United States’ National Security Agency and is a Ministry of Defense body just as the NSA is part of the United States Department of Defense. It is led by a Brigadier-General whose identity remains classified.

Similar to Britain’s GCHQ, Unit 8200 manages Israel’s army signals intelligence, sucking in and analysing vast amounts of electronic data, from wiretapped phone calls and emails to microwave and satellite broadcasts. On the new hi-tech battlefield, 8200 is now the 

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