TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

For those, like me, who have always wondered why sheeple will not rally to stop the madness, this is the reason.  BRAINWASHING SINCE AT LEAST THE 1960’S and using the National Anthem as the means of delivery.  Unflippin’ Real!

How sophisticated do you think they are now???

Government and television stations have been CAUGHT adding subliminal messages of actual government mind control in this archive footage from the 1960s which, on its face, appears to be an ordinary sign off of broadcasting for the day. INSTEAD, it’s filled with commands to OBEY GOVERNMENT and regard it as GOD. We break this video down sent to us by someone else who is awake and can SEE. Some have tried to debunk this. We sincerely hope someone will. Unfortunately, no one has yet, and all the evidence points to the film being 100% legitimate. In fact, multiple viewers have already informed us they remember…

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