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crew-22312By Jim Campbell

Obama’s message from the Pentagon was unusual.

Unusual in that he doesn’t go there to make speeches.

Not to be conspiratorial, but this story is breaking this moment as I write.

It has yet to make Drudge, we shall know in a day or so if this is the real deal.

This source has been following this line of reasoning for quite some time.


No happy warriors among this group.

President of the United States Barack Obama addresses the media in the Pentagon Press Briefing Room after meeting with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, left, at the Pentagon, Dec.14, 2015. 

Was he ordered to show up?

Obama must be on everyone’s watch list, he’s the number one enemy to the state.

IMG_2573Word on the street is that Obama has been told to step down.

The Military understand fully that Obama is completely incapable of leading in any…

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