The Runaway Contract

Here’s something you won’t see everyday, how many would send a letter to an opposite party asking for forgiveness? Probably not many I suspect. Watch the movies? You’ll regularly hear prosecutors in court say “Forgive Me your honour”.

What could the judge say in reply? Perhaps: “get on with it then”, “we don’t have all day”, “I’m in no mood for forgiveness today”, and it goes on.

So what’s really happening here? Why not just say “sorry”, or “I apologise”. Simple – “Forgive Me” is a question, “Sorry/I Apologise” are statements. So if you’re in court and say “Forgive Me”, you’re asking the Judge to forgive you for an error of some kind. This is a form of contracting, by asking for forgiveness you are placing the onus back onto the Judge or opposite party to forgive you. If they say “No”, isn’t there now a controversy created by them?…

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