The Runaway Contract

The matter of standing is a significant one, that many men/women underestimate when appearing in court and end up playing the “name game” by claiming the defendant is not them and is actually a corporation/fiction. There are some serious problems with this approach, namely:

  • There is a controversy that needs to be resolved and coming in as a man/woman (an authority) without resolution undermines that status as an authority, hence the court may see this as a disruption.
  • The court is expecting a debtor person to attend and not anyone else. The court is a 3rd party adjudication service and they cannot read minds – only see what’s in front of them in the file.

A typical scenario: a man/woman attends court, an argument occurs (more controversy) as the man/woman has no standing over the case, an order is created for a warrant as the defendant failed to appear.


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