Authentic US military badges with occult-themed insignias (See more here )

A recent article from Wayne Madsen reminded us of a child pornography ring in the 1980s that extended from Oregon to the San Francisco Bay area over to Chicago and Washington, DC. This involved many officers of the U.S. Navy, yet another breach in a sub-network which the author believes was covered up by one John Lehman, then Secretary of the Navy who engaged in similar cover-ups and various sexual misdemeanours and crimes. Madsen has since had to vacate his U.S. home due to death threats. [1]

profile-LRH_thumb.jpgThe Navy has an odd history of pathogenic infiltration. The advances from MK-ULTRA experimentation permeated the US military and in particular, Naval Intelligence. The former Navy Officer with serious mental problems which leant themselves to the creation of Scientology was L. Ron Hubbard (left) and his rocket scientist friend, Jack Parsons. Theseā€¦

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