AXA – OPUS DEI and NWO | Cyberwarzone.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 12/12/2012 – 13:12
“A french TV broadcast realized about ten years ago showed the close links existing between AXA insurance company and Catholic Opus Dei “sect” which currently rules Catholic Church. Since this time, several events occured : 1. It was revealed in the newspapers that Opus Dei did grab the power within Vatican Bank though massive injection of money to face its difficulties. 2. Benoit XVI, supposed to belong to Opus Dei, became Pope after Jean Paul II, 3. In 2012, Bilderberg Conference President is Henri de Castries, CEO of AXA insurance group. When I was working in Axa, I saw that the company manages FREELY though affiliate companies, the assets of “mutuelles Saint Christophe”, a small insurance company dedicated to catholic priest”s healthcare and retirements. I also realized that some formers CEO of Axa affiliates company had left to manage assets of Catholic Church … What I was helding as mere gossips at the begining, finally appears to have some reality. It’s a pity that no journalists lead further investigation on the links between AXA, OPUS DEI, NWO and Bildeberg as the way some “stange” assets are managed by the company may lead to a result.”