Greece’s New Americanized Health Care System.

Seems like no one remembers the good old days when people could purchase their own medicine without government interference. The war on drugs has brought on the huge problem with health care just like all the other government programs they run. I happen to remember when doctors were allowed to be doctors, teachers were allowed to be teachers and now everyone has to be a lawyer to be able function even with the question of health care, insurance and where all the money is going to come from! 

Adults in America who can read surely do not need to have to pay some PCP (Primary Care Physician – they used to be called mother) or MHP (Mental Health Professional-they also used to be called mother). I personally know my own symptoms can read a PDR (physicians desk reference) but can not purchase my medicine OTC (over the counter) because they are all regulated by the FDA and Big Pharma is running our government!

Too many people are making too much money on health care when it should be up to each adult individual how they manage their own health. We all pretty much need the same basic things to survive.. AIr, Water, Food, Shelter and Medicine. Our government has done a great job of allowing industrial complexes to thrive at everyone’s expense. Our AIr is polluted by industrial waste and nuclear radiation from Fukushima, water is contaminated intentionally with fluoride, industrial waste and fracking chemicals, food is toxic due to GMO’s, the majority of the population will soon be out in the streets with no shelter and everyone is dependent on Big Pharma for their meds who are only interested in how much money they can make! Some things are priceless but our leaders have succeeded in putting a price on the quality of our lives.

If people were allowed to choose their own poison, and everyone would stay out of everyone elses heath and medical business, just think about how wonderful life could be!