Lakota Leaders: If Law Enforcement Can’t Bring Justice, We Will | 88.9 KETR.

“They’ve taken too long,” said Lone Wolf. “I came out here, even after it happened, and the evidence is still out there. And I was waiting to see if they would pick it up and they still didn’t.” Lightning Medicine Cloud, born on May 12, 2011, was killed on April 28, 2012. His mother, Buffalo Woman, was found deceased the following day. Little Soldier says Lightning was sacrificed.  “The way he was slaughtered out here, the way he was murdered, it was pretty much the style of a Native American and how they would do it. And the way I seen the way he was laying there and stuff, and the way they did him – with no meat left, no guts left, and the hide was gone, and just the bones left on part of his body – yes, very much so.” Little Soldier added that non-natives may have also played a role in the killing.