Amidst Protest, Construction Begins on Keystone XL Pipeline in Texas.

HERE WE GO FOLKS. OBAMA VETOED THIS BILL AND I KNEW HE WAS JUST PUTTING IT OFF FOR THE ELECTION. WE CAN NOT ALLOW THIS HORRIBLE TRAVESTY TO HAPPEN. We already have a shortage of fresh water and processing this tar sand will do far too much damage to our environment. It will take a massive amount of water that we just do not have!! TransCanada broke ground last week on the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, bucking more than four years of intense opposition to the project from farmers, ranchers and local communities representing thousands of people affected across Texas and Oklahoma.
There was no official ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate construction at the pipeline’s staging area last week—in fact, TransCanada’s careful PR control and political pressures led to a virtual media blackout on the subject.
Instead, members of the Tar Sands Blockade a broad affiliation of activists opposing the project, traveled Thursday seven miles west of Paris, Texas, to christen the construction site in their own way: with a day of defiance, and the promise of rolling actions for as long as the pipeline plan proceeds.
“TransCanada is putting families that wanted nothing to do with this pipeline in harm’s way,” says blockade organizer Ron Seifert. “Since our leaders and representatives will do nothing to protect our friends and neighbors, the Tar Sands Blockade is calling for people everywhere to join us and defend our local communities from a multinational bully.”