Ron Paul Discusses Legalization of Drugs (5-5-11) – YouTube.

GARY JOHNSON & RON PAUL on legalization of Drugs. Think about the wealth of some leaders and how they got it. Joseph Kennedy for one..was a bootlegger .. And his Boys..all of them into Politics.. Al Capone and many others were criminals, In

 50 years, the criminals behind the “drug war” are running the show. I do not see any heroic children of Drug families coming on the scene but I do see children of families who own much stock in pharmiceutical MFg..having too much control of our government in the name of GREED. BUSH = E I Lilly…etc… and they are buddies with Private Prisons and many who make too much $$ on the Drug War.. Gary Johnson and Ron Paul make the best argument. It should be a personal choice to name our own poison. After all, our water has fluoride, Monsanto etc = GMO food, Chemtrails in the air, Fukushima is spewing deadly particles, our air is contaminated with toxic fumes, and our planet is warming golbally. Who should be in Prison…Banksters, Big Pharma, Greedy Politicians..or a bunch of unfortunate sons and daughters who want to exercise their own personal right to pursue their own happiness without hurting anyone else? This is supposed to be a free country for everyone equally. Why are some free to fleece the public at large while others are incarcerated for something that does not hurt anyone else? Makes no sense. Gary Johnson 2012 LiveFree Legalize & Pardon NoIRS NoWars Label PEACE Bring our Troops Home NOW!