Emma Goldman – Woman Suffrage – Anarchism and Other Essays.

Then there is the home.  What a terrible fetich it is!  How it saps the very life-energy of woman,–this modern prison with golden bars. Its shining aspect blinds woman to the price she would have to pay as wife, mother, and housekeeper.  Yet woman clings tenaciously to the home, to the power that holds her in bondage.

It may be said that because woman recognizes the awful toll she is made to pay to the Church, State, and the home, she wants suffrage to set herself free.  That may be true of the few; the majority of suffragists repudiate utterly such blasphemy.  On the contrary, they insist always that it is woman suffrage which will make her a better Christian and homekeeper, a staunch citizen of the State.  Thus suffrage is only a means of strengthening the omnipotence of the very Gods that woman has served from time immemorial.