Computer Programmer Testimony He Was Requested to Write Code to Rig U.S. Elections – YouTube.

I’m not arguing in support of the claims Clinton Curtis makes and I’m not dismissing them. I’m merely pointing out that major news outlets did not cover this story ten years ago. Something this newsworthy – coming from the same state the Bush/Gore election hinged upon – was ignored. With potentially national implications that seem obvious to me, I’m shocked ten years and two elections have gone by with no media mention of these allegations.

How many voting polls now use computer programs for voting? Whether Curtis was right about the alleged voter fraud at the hands of Rep. Tom Feeny is irrelevant. The potential for this kind of software to exist is enough to warrant skepticism on the reliability of computerized voting machines. The lack of media attention on a congressional panel hearing about such fraud is even more frightening. 

Mr Curtis a Software programmer who worked for NASA, Exxon Mobil & the US Department of Transportation in a sworn-oath deposition testifies that US elections are rigged by inserting software into the voting system. The timing of this deposition was just after George W Bush being re-elected president of the United States. We are not surprised that this never made it into the main stream media.

Mr Curtis goes on to name US Representatives who attempted to pay him to rig their election vote counts.