Campaign 2012: Smoke and mirrors or outright lies –

‘But both are using a time-tested tactic in trying to define their opponents’ weaknesses while distracting voters from their own, experts say. “Politicians are very careful to not make definitive statements that can be disproven easily. They speak in generalities typically, so that what they say is not completely false, or has room for conjecture,” said Ron Riggio, an organizational psychology professor at Claremont McKenna College.

“There is a ‘trusting bias’ such that people are inclined to believe more than disbelieve. There is also a sort of apathy or ‘cognitive laziness’ where many don’t do the scrutinizing necessary to try to determine if something is a truth or lie. They don’t question, don’t bother to fact-check,” Riggio said. “So many voters simply default and think, ‘He said it; it must be true.'”

What’s worse, lying turns off informed voters who eventually become deeply cynical of anything campaigns put out as “spin.” “Voters are confronted with a firestorm of contentious ads, each followed by an immediate and aggressive denial, almost all of it devoid of evidence,” said Joe Urbany, a University of Notre Dame marketing professor who studies the impact of negative campaign advertising. “It’s impossible to distinguish fact from conjecture from fiction.”‘

We sorely need some competition to get these campaigns to address the real issues. We must demand other presidential candidates be included in the National Debates. To Exclude valid candidates from National Debates due to any % of supporters among registered voters is AGAINST THE AMERICAN WAY and  PREVENTS 3rd PARTY CANDIDATES FROM DOCUMENTING THEIR PLATFORMS. It is past time for WE THE PEOPLE  are prevented from hearing everyone due to  FUNDING BY LARGE CONTRIBUTORS (PAC’S) who all have something to gain…and WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE LOSERS! IF OTHER CANDIDATES WERE ALLOWED IN THE DEBATES, MAYBE THE ISSUES WOULD BE DISCUSSED INSTEAD OF SUBTERFUGE AND DIVISION.