Libertarian Hopeful Gary Johnson Warmly Welcomed in Chilly Alaska | Alaska Dispatch.

Johnson is a competitive athlete, cycling at least 13,000 miles year, he figures. He doesn’t drink, smoke pot or anything else, yet he’s for legalizing drugs. He’s for cutting all spending, including on Medicaid and Medicare. He’s pro-choice, pro-gay marriage and pro-school vouchers. He’s against the U.S. Department of Education, gun control and an over-reaching military. He opposes federal overreach into state business.
Johnson famously came out for legalization of marijuana when he was governor. That’s a radical position for a Republican, but not for Libertarians, whose standard position is to legalize them all. So I asked him: What about methamphetamine? I can imagine marijuana being a commercial product; at a “dispensary” less than a mile from my house, it already is one. But how about meth? Could it ever be a product of a company that a business license, a street address, paid taxes, bought insurance, and was invited to membership in the Rotary Club? (My answer: no.)
“Methamphetamine is a classic prohibition drug,” Johnson said, explaining that a “prohibition drug” is in the market because safer alternatives are too difficult to make in a kitchen sink. If there were no war on drugs, he argued, the pharmaceutical companies would make a version of cocaine, or some other drug, that would pleasantly addle people’s minds without wrecking their health. In any case, Johnson is a libertarian: if adults are informed that a drug is going to wreck their health and they still want it, he says, the government should let them have it, and let them take the consequences of it.