Gary Johnson, Libertarian | Ed cetera | The Seattle Times.

Johnson famously came out for legalization of marijuana when he was governor. That’s a radical position for a Republican, but not for Libertarians, whose standard position is to legalize them all. So I asked him: What about methamphetamine? I can imagine marijuana being a commercial product; at a “dispensary” less than a mile from my house, it already is one. But how about meth? Could it ever be a product of a company that a business license, a street address, paid taxes, bought insurance, and was invited to membership in the Rotary Club? (My answer: no.)

“Methamphetamine is a classic prohibition drug,” Johnson said, explaining that a “prohibition drug” is in the market because safer alternatives are too difficult to make in a kitchen sink. If there were no war on drugs, he argued, the pharmaceutical companies would make a version of cocaine, or some other drug, that would pleasantly addle people’s minds without wrecking their health. In any case, Johnson is a libertarian: if adults are informed that a drug is going to wreck their health and they still want it, he says, the government should let them have it, and let them take the consequences of it.