Peaceful Streets Project: Interview Antonio Buehler.

Austin West Point grad and Iraq Vet is persecuted for taking photos of police brutality. Please get familiar with this case, a typical example of what no doubt will happen to you sooner rather than later if we all do not come forward to put a stop to these dirty cops!

If you ARE NOT FAMILIAR with this case, please do society a favor and take heed. This is another case of Police Corruption, and this time the PD barked at the wrong tree. This is a typical example of a Police State gone wrong, and this bystander did get involved and is now facing a bogus 10 year prison sentence for photographing excessive force. IT could be you!! Please Watch~ As you know from your previous interviews of Antonio (see videos below), the Austin Police Department refuses to do the right thing by dropping all charges against him and the two female victims, and then charging Officers Oborski and Snider with their crimes against peaceful citizens. You may have also heard of the coverup that Antonio has been trying to expose (see Austin Police Dept Corruption Exposed).