Hello World! Once upon a time (Y’all ain’t gonna believe this )…long ago, on March 11, 2011….in a place called Fukushima….

No real ideas to add to the wonderful you are doing, just a small note to say, I am watching and this link seems to be the only one really interested in focusing on the major issue in the WORLD today. In an age where reporters are being prosecuted for reporting news, individuals are being arrested for taking photos of public concern, exposed to criminal prosecution with ridiculous consequences, I just wonder how long we are going to be able to be the Media Now? Regardless of the outcome of these infringements upon our Constitutional Rights, all life and human rights are being trampled every day this radioactivity is spewing into the air unabated!! The people of the world are being distracted by war and rumors of war and entertained by the Banksters with absurd programming like “Dancing With the Stars” while main stream media turns a blind eye and deaf ear to the alarming inactivity to put these rods under water now. Until people are directly affected, and they already have been, but they remain unaware..nothing will change. We are the Media Now, and it would seem we are the only ones keeping this subject going in what every way we each can contribute. Just one more indication that those who have been receiving obscene profits for their investments in energy, are “out to lunch” when it comes to their responsibility. Everyone responsible for this disaster and especially the chronic refusal to do anything, should result in the aforementioned prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity and Against every living organism on the planet! : (